Planning an exciting time in your life.


When you are planning your wedding it is a special time.  You make the guest list, book the venue, call a caterer, pick a DJ, find "the" dress, and so much more. It is easy to forget about the extra tasks that are so important. That is where we come in. We cover all the little details (even the ones that may slip your mind) and our staff goes the extra mile to make your event flawless and absolutely memorable. 




We Cater to your needs.


We know how expensive weddings can be. This is why we offer a number of packages and different services.

If there are any other services that you may need that are not listed, then please feel free to contact us. These are the main services offered, but we have accommodated many clients for tasks not listed.




Need A Refill?

We will assist you with replenishing glasses and resetting table items.


Food Preparation

Relax, let me get that for you!

Don't go through the hassle of getting up and getting a plate or going back for seconds. We will do that for you.



CAn I get you Anything else?

We will help put your order together and server it to you right after. A personal server will always be within arms reach!

The Service Industry Standard


Hey everyone! We are Cassie Nelson and Chelsea Nelson Leatherwood, Owners of Service Gem Events. We are sisters that grew up in the customer service industry, have over 35 years combined experience and absolutely LOVE what we do. We started this business because it makes us happy to see smiles on others faces and to be involved in making someone so ecstatic on one of the most memorable days of their lives. We go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to anything and strive to be the best. Every event is carefully handled to perfection and treated as if it were our own. No job is too big or small and there is no situation that we have come across that we cannot handle.


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